2014 Session Audio

    Missions and Church Planting

    Title Speaker

    Leadership in a Church Plant

    Steve Chappell

    Assistant Pastors

    Title Speaker

    Lightening Your Pastor's Load

    Carlos Navarrete

    Music Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Creative Worship Service Planning

    Jon Guy

    God-Honoring Music Ministry

    Dr. Ron Hamilton


    Title Speaker

    A Heart of Contentment

    Suza Rasmussen

    A Renewed Pastor's Wife

    Terrie Chappell

    Becoming a Virtuous Woman

    Trish McCoy

    Communing with God through Prayer

    Debbie Goddard

    Ladies Ministry Idea Panel

    Terrie Chappell


    Title Speaker

    Biblical Parenting for Christian Leaders

    Scott Wendal

    Marriage Health for Christian Leaders

    Paul Kingsbury

    Church Administration

    Title Speaker

    Church Budgeting Workshop

    Ben Hobbs

    Staying In Sync with Your Leader

    Lisa Stoner

    Christian Education

    Title Speaker

    Inspiring Students in the Classroom

    Deb Demirjian

    Leadership Phases

    Title Speaker

    Leadership in a Church of 100-300

    Kerry Nance


    Title Speaker

    Reaching Friends with the Gospel

    Jon Sisson

    Sermon Outlines

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Starting the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Using Gifts and Talents for God's Glory

    Daniel Hopkins


    Title Speaker

    The Foolishness of Preaching

    Timothy Choi

    Workmen of God

    Title Speaker

    Developing Authentic Character

    Dr. Mark Rasmussen

    Discernment: Critical Thinking without a Critical Spirit

    Wayne Hardy

    Disciplines for a Consistent Walk with God

    Tim Ruhl

    Personal Bible Study and Meditation

    Tobi England

    Serving the Lord with Joy

    Dr. Ed Laurena

    The Joys of Faithfulness

    Mike Ray

    Walking in Biblical Holiness

    Dr. Rick Flanders

    Walking with God in Prayer

    Benny Beckum

    Works of God

    Title Speaker

    Becoming a Disciple Maker

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Creative Ideas for Children's Ministry

    Nathan Birt

    Leadership in a Re-Establishing Church

    Cary Schmidt

    Reaching and Discipling People (in Korean)

    Enoch Kim

    Renewing Our Ministry to the Next Generation

    Dr. Jim Schettler

    Lancaster Baptist Church | 4020 E. Lancaster Blvd. | Lancaster, CA | Pastor Paul Chappell