2023 Session Audio

Title Speaker

Fathers and Sons in Ministry

Pastor Paul Chappell

Outreach and Discipleship

Title Speaker

Assimilation & Discipleship

Jacob Fleming

Biblical Missions Program

Dr. J.B. Godfrey, Dr. Don Sisk

Conducting Effective Ladies’ Events

Lisa Kurtz

Reaching Rural America

Bruce Burkett

The Soulwinning Pastor

Tim Rasmussen

The Soulwinning Strategy & Calendar

Jerry Ferrso

Why Hospitality Matters

Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Suza Rasmussen


Title Speaker

Addressing Gender Issues Biblically

Dave Delaney

Apologetics In Preaching

Tobi England

Dispensationalism & Bible Study

Paul Choi

Ministering In A Post-Biblical Age

Michael Jones

Readability of the Bible

Lloyd Read

Reliability of the Bible

Joe Shakour

The Gospel: Biblical or Cultural

Gary Spaeth

Biblical Counseling

Title Speaker

Counseling Anxiety and Depression

Dr. George Crabb

Counseling the Full-Time Minister

Tim Rabon

Counseling the Suicidal and Their Family

Dr. George Crabb

Ethics in Counseling

Dr. John Goetsch

Teaching Ladies To Study The Bible

Kelly Rasmussen

Leadership and Preaching

Title Speaker

Church Succession

Dr. R.B. Ouellette

Constructing An Expositional Sermon

Dan Preston

Cultivating a Healthy Staff Culture

Steve Chappell

Media Ministry

Title Speaker

Developing an Event Marketing & Branding Strategy

Chad Schearer

Effective Church Media

Jeremy Lofgren

Church Management and Security

Title Speaker

Enlisting and Training A Godly Security Team

John Alvarez, Frank Quichocho

Financial Policies For A Lasting Testimony

Ben Hobbs

The Effective Church Board Member

Mark Cover

Church Planting

Title Speaker

Reaching Spanish Speaking America

Jerry Collins

The Church Planter As A Soulwinner

Dr. Alan Fong