2022 Session Audio

Title Speaker

5 Non-negotiable Priorities of a Quality Children's Ministry

Jessie Tanner

Best Financial Practices During Times of Economic Uncertainty

Ben Hobbs

Biblical Preaching

Dr. John Goetsch

By God for our Good: Suffering and Affliction in the Christian Life

Dave Thomasson

Confident in Your Calling

Danielle Mordh, Terrie Chappell

Cultural Trends and How the Gospel Gives Clarity

Tyler Gillit

Engaging and Empowering Young Singles in the Church

Jacob Fleming

Five Challenges Missionaries Face and How Your Church Can Help

Adam Fridenstine

Five Habits of Effective Planning in Music Ministry

Daniel Hopkins

The Culture of the Local Church

Steve Chappell

Amazing Indeed

Dr. Don Sisk

Centurions for This Supremely Significant Age

General John Teichert

Above Reproach: Embracing Transparency, Accountability, and Personal Integrity

Tim Rasmussen

Evangelistic Collaboration in the Local Church

Dr. Paul Chappell

Generational Perspective: What Younger and Older Generations can learn from each other

Lloyd Read

Helping Young Adults to Live Out Their Purpose

Dr. Jim Schettler

Leadership Matters: When Leaders Are At Their Best

Niranjan Sundararaj

Lessons I Learned from Lee Roberson

Tom Sexton

Maximizing the Impact of Church Meetings and Events

Scott Gray

Ministry Workplaces: Hostile or Holy?

Dr. John Goetsch

Rediscovering the Power of Prayer for Local Church Ministry

Clark Graham

Shifting from an Inward Focused to an Outward Focused Church

Tyler Prater

Spiritual Rest and Renewal

Amanda Delaney, Danielle Mordh

Strong Families in Every Season of Ministry

Tim Rabon

Team Structures and Strategies : Biblical Principles for Building Successful Teams

JD Howell

The Discipleship Path: Helping Every Attender Take the Next Step

Gabriel Ruhl

Truth Matters: Local Church Ministry in a Post-Truth World

Michael Jones

What Christian Leaders Should Understand about Emotional Health

Dr. George Crabb

What Christians Should Understand About Mental and Emotional Health

Dr. George Crabb