Tuesday, October 5, 2021 - 11:30am

    Title Speaker Panel Location

    10 Reasons Why Sermons Fail: Correcting Common Mistakes in Contemporary Preaching

    Dr. John Goetsch Steve Chappell, Tyler Gillit, Dave Delaney Revels 102

    Declaring the Gospel in Your Music Ministry

    Tyler Prater Daniel Hopkins, John Williams West Wing 201

    Declaring the Gospel to Future Generations

    Larry Chappell Mike Herbster, Joel Norris Revels 103

    Discipleship: Moving Christians from Milk to Meat

    Gabriel Ruhl Will Cover, Bruce Burkett Revels 207

    How to Start a Biblical Counseling Ministry

    Dr. George Crabb Dr. Jim Schettler, Gary Major Revels 204

    Leading Your Staff Team

    Ryan Thompson Dr. Kevin Folger Revels 209

    Managing Demands of Work and Family

    Scott Wendal Dr. Doug Anderson Revels 309

    Pastoring Every Generation of the Church

    Tim Rabon West Wing 213

    Post-COVID Stewardship Strategies

    Dr. Alan Fong Ben Hobbs, Tim Rasmussen Revels 208

    Reaching the 10/40 Window

    Dr. Kevin Folger Dr. Don Sisk, Ricardo Portillo Revels 308

    The "Upside" of Down

    Bill Prater Pastor Paul Chappell Worship Center

    Turning Ideas into Accomplishments: Managing Projects

    Tim Christoson Tate Throndson Choir Room

    Women in the Bible

    Danielle Mordh Terrie Chappell, Suza Rasmussen, Susanah Ruhl Walther Center

    Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - 11:30am

    Title Speaker Panel Location

    A Woman's Walk with God

    Terrie Chappell Suza Rasmussen, Susanah Ruhl, Danielle Mordh Walther Center

    Bearing Fruit that Remains

    Tim Rasmussen Luis MontaƱo Revels 207

    Declaring the Gospel in a Multicultural Community

    Tyler Gillit Jerry Collins, Dr. Alan Fong Revels 209

    Declaring the Gospel in Rural America

    Bruce Burkett Bill Prater Revels 204

    Declaring the Gospel to the Addicted

    Paul Kingsbury Dr. George Crabb, James Lake, Gary Major Revels 308

    Developing Committed and Grounded Christians

    Carlos Navarrete Gabriel Ruhl West Wing 213

    Developing High Capacity Volunteers

    Tate Throndson Ryan Thompson, Joe Shakour Choir Room

    Fulfilling Acts 1:8 Through Your Church

    Will Cover Paul Choi, Chris Edwards Revels 103

    How to Stay on Fire without Burning Out

    Dr. Mike Norris Dr. Doug Anderson West Wing 201

    Making a Great First Impression

    Steve Chappell Jacob Fleming, Peter Mordh, Jacob Bundy Worship Center

    Reaching the Skeptic

    John Anderson Tobi England, Larry Chappell, Sam Green Revels 102

    Recruiting and Equipping Soulwinners

    Jerry Ferrso Dave Delaney, Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Reggie Williams Revels 309

    The Other Side of Succession

    Andrew Wolfenbarger Tyler Prater, Tim Rabon Revels 208

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