2015 Session Audio

    Pastoral Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Articulating God's Truth

    Shane Lewis

    Becoming a Team Building Leader

    Pastor Paul Chappell

    Biblical Principles for Living

    Dr. Don Sisk

    Building Faithful Men and Women in Your Church

    Dr. Jim Schettler

    Building Lives in the Local Church

    Pastor Paul Chappell

    Contagious Joy in the Local Church

    Mike Ray

    Establishing Direction in a Young Church

    John Goetsch Jr.

    Leading during Ministry Expansion

    Dr. Alan Fong

    Leading through Transition

    Troy Calvert

    Leading Your Church to Reach the World

    Mike Edwards

    Loving Your Family while Leading Your Ministry

    Tim Rabon

    Maintaining Passion in the Work

    Mike Edwards

    Making an Impact with Elected Officials

    Mike Creed

    Pastoring an International Body of Believers

    Bill Zaydan

    Power through Prayer

    Tim Ruhl

    Preaching that Pleases God

    Dr. Tom Farrell

    Preparing for a Fruitful Revival Meeting

    Hal Hightower

    Reaching an Urban Community

    Gordon Conner

    Renewing an Established Church

    Brent Armstrong

    Restoring Church Body Life

    John Wilkerson

    The First Six Months of a Church Plant

    Andrew Reed

    The Soulwinning Church

    Steve Chappell

    Tips for Sucessful Pastoral Succession

    Tim Rabon

    Soulwinning and Discipleship

    Title Speaker

    A Year Round Calendar Plan for Outreach

    Jerry Ferrso

    Building Disciples, Reproducing Leaders through Discipleship

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Building Lives through Adult Bible Fellowships

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Continue: Using the Brand New One-on-One Discipleship Program

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Enlisting and Training Soulwinners

    Jerry Ferrso

    Reaching Spanish Speaking People

    Carlos Navarrete

    The Starting Point Class and New Member Process

    Tim Christoson

    Music Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Developing Music Programs for Young People

    Daniel Hopkins

    How to Craft a Piano Accompaniment

    Shelly Hamilton

    Worship Service Planning and Preparation

    Jon Guy

    Children's Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Creative Classrom Ideas for Preschoolers

    Melinda Bach

    Creatively Communicating Truth to Children

    Nathan Birt

    Reaching the Next Generation through the Bus Ministry

    Jerry Ferrso

    Safe and Caring Nurseries

    Susanah Ruhl

    Media and Technology

    Title Speaker

    Using Church Media to Promote Events

    Jeremy Lofgren


    Title Speaker

    Answering Common Objections to the Christian Faith

    Tobi England

    Origin and Preservation of the Bible

    Dr. Mike Lester

    Personal Finances that Honor God

    Tim Rosen

    Praying for and Caring for the Pastor

    Dave McCollum


    Title Speaker

    Building Your Marriage

    Susanah Ruhl

    Christ's Healing for Your Hurts

    Kay Husband

    Embracing the Seasons and Transitions of Ministry Life

    Rita Weaver

    Finding Your Joy in God

    Rachel Graham

    My Church is a Family (and I am a Member)

    Suza Rasmussen

    Overcoming Guilt

    Jenny Navarrete

    Raising Godly Children in a Corrupt Culture

    Sherry Tierney

    Reduce Stress and Simplify Life

    Danielle Mordh

    Standing Strong through Life's Difficulties

    Marsha Schearer

    Student Ministry Leaders

    Title Speaker

    Building Faithful Teens

    Dr. Jim Schettler

    Creative Strategies for Reaching and Including Teens

    Larry Chappell

    Pillars of Effective Student Ministry

    Larry Chappell

    Timeless Principles for Mentoring Todays Teens

    Dr. Mark Rasmussen

    Church Administration

    Title Speaker

    Keeping Track of Project Details

    Denise Wells

    Managing Information in the Church

    Lisa Stoner

    Personal Productivity in the Work of the Church

    Niranjan Sundararaj

    Spiritual and Legal Guidelines for Human Resources

    Deirdre Finn

    Team Development on a Local Church Staff

    Dr. Tom Shepherd

    The Basics of a Complete Year-End Accounting Close

    Ben Hobbs

    Christian Education

    Title Speaker

    Creating a Culture of Biblical Excellence

    Deb Demirjian

    Striving to Reach Higher-Level Learning Outcomes

    Dr. Jerry Goddard

    Ten Truths to Transform Your Teaching

    Dr. Jim Schettler

    The Priority of Preparation in Teaching

    Dr. Mark Rasmussen


    Title Speaker

    Building Beyond Your Teen Years

    Bryan Samms

    How to Develop Relationships During Your Teen Years (girls)

    Tammy Schellenberg

    The Blessings and Responsibilities of Teen Leader (guys)

    Peter Mordh

    Preaching Track

    Title Speaker

    Delivering the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Illustrating the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Sermon Outlines

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Starting the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

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