2016 Session Audio

    Pastoral Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Bearing Fruit that Remains

    Tim Rasmussen

    Biblical Counseling

    Paul Kingsbury

    Biblical Keys for New Pastors of Established Churches

    Joe Dickinson

    Biblical Preaching

    Dr. Kevin Folger

    Building a Team Culture Among Your Staff

    Troy Dorrell

    Developing a Missions-Minded Church

    Dr. Don Sisk

    God of All Comfort

    Kerry Nance

    Helping Your Missionaries

    Dr. Bryan Stensaas

    Keeping a Servant's Heart

    Tim Ruhl

    Leading A Larger Church

    Dr. R.B. Ouellette

    Leading Through a Building Program

    Dr. Alan Fong

    Leading Through Change (Taking an Established Church)

    Cary Schmidt

    Leading Through Transition

    Dave Delaney

    Leading Your Church Back to Genuine Prayer

    Benny Beckum

    Marriage and Ministry

    Dr. Ezekiel Salazar

    Ministry Lessons from Jesus

    Mike Ray

    Nurturing People

    Ray Cazis

    Pastor and His Family

    Dave Teis

    Reaching Elected Officials

    Mike Creed

    Renewing a Soulwinning Fervor

    Rob Kurtz

    Reviving a Hurting Church

    Dane Keely

    Shaping the Future Respecting the Past

    Brent Armstrong

    Shepherding the Flock

    Dr. Mike Norris

    Tending to the Ministry of Your Family

    Tim Rabon

    The Role of the Assistant Pastor: How to Lead When Not In Charge

    Carlos Navarrete

    The Soulwinning Pastor

    Steve Chappell

    Soulwinning and Discipleship

    Title Speaker

    Continue in Discipleship

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Enlisting and Training Soulwinners

    Jerry Ferrso

    Stewarding Prospects—Soulwinning and Follow Up

    Jerry Ferrso

    Structure of the Adult Bible Class

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Music Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Basic Conducting Technique

    Dr. Russell Shelley

    Conference Choir Master Class (3:30pm)

    Dr. Ron Hamilton

    Copyright Management for Ministry and Education

    John Tyler

    Crafting a Piano Accompaniment

    Shelly Hamilton

    Exciting Congregational Playing

    Shelly Hamilton

    God-honoring Music Ministry

    Dr. Ron Hamilton

    Music Resources

    Dr. Ron Hamilton

    The Life-Long Singer

    Dr. Russell Shelley

    Understanding Biblical Worship

    Jon Guy

    Children's Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Organizing Effective Children's Ministry Teams

    John Williams

    Media and Technology

    Title Speaker

    Basics of Graphic Design

    Andrew Jones

    Effectively Using Social Media

    Jeremy Lofgren


    Title Speaker

    Going the Distance

    Toby Weaver

    How to Study the Bible

    Tobi England

    Personal Purity

    Dave McCollum

    Should Christians Save and Invest for their Financial Future?

    Tim Rosen

    Supporting Your Pastor

    Dr. Mike Lester


    Title Speaker

    A Relationship Worth Cultivating

    Deb Demirjian

    Battling Expectation

    Jenny Navarrete

    Being a Young Mom in Ministry

    Rachel Graham

    Dealing with Loneliness

    Rita Weaver

    Given to Hospitality

    Suza Rasmussen

    Staying Encouraged in Ministry

    Susanah Ruhl

    The Spirit of Your Home

    Marsha Schearer

    Student Ministry Leaders

    Title Speaker

    Helping Teens Develop a Biblical World-View

    Dr. Jim Schettler

    Involving Teens in Ministry

    Larry Chappell

    Church Administration

    Title Speaker

    Church Administration

    Tim Christoson

    Contemporary Security Issues

    Richard Odenthal

    Facilitating Noncash Donations

    Ben Hobbs

    Project Management

    Dr. Tom Shepherd

    Christian Education

    Title Speaker

    Educating the Mind While Leading the Heart

    Dr. Mark Rasmussen


    Title Speaker

    Developing Your Talents for Christ

    Daniel Hopkins

    Going from Religion to Relationship

    Tobi England

    The Right View of You

    Dr. Jim Schettler

    The Struggle Is Real

    Jon Sisson


    Title Speaker

    Continuing the Training of Next Generations Korean Preachers

    Dr. Paul Lee

    Continuing to Build the Multi-Ethnic Ministry in the U.S.

    Timothy Choi

    Continuing to Train the Next Generation of Baptist Preachers

    Timothy Choi

    The Apostle Paul's Leadership

    Dr. Daniel Kim

    Why isn't Soulwinning Working?

    Enoch Kim

    Preaching Track

    Title Speaker

    Delivering the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Illustrating the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Sermon Oulines

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Starting the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

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