2017 Session Audio

Pastoral Ministry

Title Speaker

Beginning in a New Pastorate

Ryan Thompson

Biblically Sound is Always Culturally Relevant

Kurt Skelly

Cultivating a Christ-like Spirit

Scott Wendal

Cultivating Your Church to Have a Missions Heart

Dr. Kevin Folger

Growing as a Pastor

Mike Edwards

Maintaining a Heart of Gratitude in Ministry

Kerry Nance

Pastoring a Four Generation Church

Dr. Mike Norris

Planting a Biblical NT Church

Brian Leversee

Renewing Your Daily Passion for the Lost

Tim Rasmussen

Strengthening the Local Church

Steve Chappell

Transitioning a Long-term Ministry

Dr. R.B. Ouellette

Outreach and Discipleship

Title Speaker

Connecting Every Church Ministry to Soulwinning

Tim Rabon

Continue Discpleship

Gabriel Ruhl

Ministering to Your Elected Officials

Chuck Harding

Q&A Panel: Soulwinning and Discipleship

Jerry Ferrso, Tim Rasmussen, Tim Ruhl, Dr. Mark Rasmussen

Soulwinning in the Urban Setting

Dr. Alan Fong

Strategic Soulwinning Program

Jerry Ferrso

Assistant Pastors

Title Speaker

Effective Time Management

Gabriel Ruhl

Q&A Panel: Assistant Pastors

Carlos Navarrete, Steve Chappell, Gabriel Ruhl, Ryan Thompson

Reflecting Your Pastor's Heart

Carlos Navarrete

Adult Ministry

Title Speaker

Building a Growing Class

Gabriel Ruhl

Music Ministry

Title Speaker

A New Song: Developing the Praise of New Christians

John Tyler

Administration Skills for the Music Director

Jon Guy

Efficient Rehearsal Methods

Dr. Russell Shelley

Expressive Techniques for Choirs

Dr. Russell Shelley

Lyrics 101

Dr. Ron Hamilton

Modulation Made Simple

Shelly Hamilton

Music Resources

Dr. Ron Hamilton

Q&A Panel: Music Ministry

Dr. Ron Hamilton, Jon Guy, John Tyler, Dr. Russell Shelley, Shelly Hamilton

Training Kids to Sing for the Lord

Dr. Ron Hamilton

Worshipping the Lord in Song: 7 Purposes for Christian Music

Daniel Hopkins

Children's Ministry

Title Speaker

Children's Registration and Follow Up

John Williams

Making Children Disciples of Christ

Nathan Birt

Recruiting, Retaining, and Training Workers

John Williams

Media and Technology

Title Speaker

Advanced Graphic Design

Andrew Jones

Livestream Ministry

Larry Chappell

Q&A Panel: Media and Technology

Andrew Jones, Jeremy Lofgren, Jason Strull, Tom Francis

Reaching Your Community Through Social Media

Jeremy Lofgren


Title Speaker

Being a Student of the Word

Tobi England

Do I Have a Job or Am I in the Ministry

Tim Ruhl

Servant Leadership

Dave McCollum

Walking in Integrity

Mike Ray


Title Speaker

Balancing Ministry and the Home

Danielle Mordh

Battling Expectations

Terrie Chappell

Encouraging Your Pastor's Wife

Suza Rasmussen

Joy in the Ministry

Marsha Schearer

Leading Ladies

Jenny Navarrete

Q&A Panel: Ladies' Ministry

Terrie Chappell, Danielle Mordh, Bonnie Ferrso, Sharon Rabon, Kelly Rasmussen

Student Ministry Leaders

Title Speaker

Leading Teens to Serve

Dave Delaney

Public School Bible Clubs

Larry Chappell

Q&A Panel: Student Ministries

Larry Chappell, Dr. Jim Schettler, Dave Delaney, Kurt Skelly

The Purpose and Practice of Youth Ministry

Dr. Jim Schettler

Church Administration

Title Speaker

Financial Administration Best Practices – 13 Actions that Demonstrate Excellence in Stewardship

Ben Hobbs

Hiring and Assimilating New Employees

Dr. Tom Shepherd

Project Management

Dr. Tom Shepherd

Workplace Solutions and Office Productivity

Lisa Stoner

Christian Education

Title Speaker

Developing a Lesson Plan

Dr. Mike Lester

Engaging Students in Learning

Deb Demirjian

Maintaining Academic and Spiritual Excellence

Brandon Ewing

The Priority of Preparation

Dr. Mark Rasmussen


Title Speaker

Being Who God Has Called You To Be

Terrell Thorogood

Breaking Low Expectations

Jon Sisson

Discovering God's Best

Peter Mordh

Real Faith

Trevor Linder


Title Speaker

Growing in Grace for Pastors

Timothy Choi

Pastoring by God's Grace

Timothy Choi

The Ministry of Grace and Wisdom

Dr. Paul Lee

The Secret of Church Growth

Enoch Kim

Preaching Track

Title Speaker

Choosing the Scripture

Dr. John Goetsch

Collecting Material for the Sermon

Dr. John Goetsch

The Calling of God

Dr. John Goetsch

Using Illustrations in Preaching

Dr. John Goetsch