2018 Session Audio

Pastoral Ministry

Title Speaker

Biblical Preaching

Dr. Tom Farrell, Dr. R.B. Ouellette, Steve Chappell, JD Howell, Dr. Don Sisk

Compassionate Ministry

Nathan Lloyd

Conducting an Effective Missions Conference

Brent Armstrong

Connecting Great Leaders to Biblical Truths

Chuck Harding

Continuing in Truth

Pete Folger

Encouragement for Young Pastors

Doug Fisher

Engaging Culture with Timeless Truth

Larry Chappell, Troy Dorrell, Ryan Thompson, Tim Rabon, Nathan Lloyd

Gaining and Retaining Biblical Vision

Dr. Mike Norris, Dr. Alan Fong, Tate Throndson, Tyler Gillit, Scott Gray

Giving Biblical Answers to Millennial Skeptics

Tobi England

How To Get Your Congregation Engaged in Religious Liberty Issues

Todd Starnes

Leading an Effective Deacon's Meeting

Tim Rabon

Modern Church Planting Methods

Paul Conner

Multi-site Ministry

Mike Mutchler, Peter Mordh, Gabriel Ruhl

Pastoring as a Millennial with an Older Congregation

Thomas Shepherd

Planning for Pastoral Succession

Dr. R.B. Ouellette, JD Howell

Sustaining the Vision of a Church in Revival

Dr. Alan Fong

The Church: Forward on It's Knees

Wayne Van Gelderen, Jr.

The Pastor's Role in World Missions

Gilbert Toquero

The Relationship Between the Sending Church, the Supporting Church, and the Missions Organization

Dr. Don Sisk

Using Sermon Series to Reach People

Steve Chappell


Title Speaker

Biblical Basis for a Security Ministry

Richard Odenthal

Church Security Discussion Panel

Richard Odenthal, Frank Quichocho, John Alvarez

Establishing a Security Ministry

John Alvarez

Senior Staff/Dignitary Protection

Frank Quichocho

Outreach and Discipleship

Title Speaker

Bus Ministry

Jacob Bundy

Cultivating a Prospect List

Jerry Ferrso

From Community to Core - The Process of Assimilation

Gabriel Ruhl

How to Hold an Outdoorsman Night

Chad Schearer

Assistant Pastors

Title Speaker

Maintaining a Ministry Heart in the Midst of a Busy Job

Dr. Mark Rasmussen

Skills of an Effective Staff Member

Jon Guy

Music Ministry

Title Speaker

Choral Conducting

Dr. Russell Shelley

Improving Congregational Singing

John Tyler, Daniel Hopkins, Wayne Van Gelderen, Jr., Dr. Russell Shelley, Jon Guy

Preparing and Communicating Vocal Solos

Megan Morgan

Strategic Planning for Music Ministry

Jon Guy, John Tyler, John Williams, Daniel Hopkins

The Art of Piano Accompanying

Shelly Hamilton

Vocal Coaching for Volunteers

Dr. Russell Shelley

Media and Technology

Title Speaker

Effective Tips for Livestream Ministry

Larry Chappell

Effective Visual Communication

Keenan Sultanik


Title Speaker

Being an Overcomer

Sharon Rabon

Supporting the Pastor's Wife

Tonya Shepherd

Student Ministry Leaders

Title Speaker

Singles Ministry

Dr. Jim Schettler

Teen Soulwinning and Discipleship

Jon Sisson

Church Administration

Title Speaker

Assimilating New Staff

Scott Gray

Church Budgeting

Ben Hobbs

Church Management Principles

Dr. Tom Shepherd

Creating a Healthy Staff Culture

Troy Dorrell

Christian Education

Title Speaker

Deal with it! Managing the Problems in your Christian School

Brandon Ewing

Teaching Lasting Changes

Deb Demirjian


Title Speaker

Claiming Your Generation

Thomas Shepherd

Cultural Objections to Christianity

Dr. Mike Lester, Paul Conner, Tobi England, Thomas Shepherd

How to Habits of an Effective Teen

Dave Delaney

How to Make Wise Decisions

Dr. Jim Schettler, Dave Delaney, Jon Sisson, Larry Chappell


Title Speaker

Lessons from the Biblical and Historical Revivals

Timothy Choi

Restoration of Our Worship

Enoch Kim

Steps toward a Biblical Revival

Timothy Choi

The Strength of the Revived Church

Dr. Paul Lee

Preaching Track

Title Speaker

A Call to Preach

Dr. John Goetsch

Collecting Material for the Sermon

Dr. John Goetsch

The Compassionate Delivery of the Sermon

Dr. John Goetsch

The Introduction to the Sermon

Dr. John Goetsch