2019 Session Audio

    Pastoral Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Effects of the Neo-Calvinist Movement in Fundamentalism

    Jeff Amsbaugh

    Honoring Truth in Succession

    Lloyd Read

    Leading in a Day of Spiritual Confusion with Discussion panel

    Pastor Paul Chappell

    Leading with a Certain Sound (Steadfast in Truth)

    Joe Shakour

    Maintaining Joyful and Passionate Ministry

    Mike Ray

    Ministering with Grace and Truth

    Dean Miller

    Staff and Church Transition from a Biblical Perspective

    Discussion Panel: Staff and Church Transitions

    Standing Together

    Tyler Gillit

    Stewardship and Oversight of Local Church Ministry with Discussion Panel

    Pastor Paul Chappell

    The Emptiness of Moralism and the Dangers of Hyper-Grace

    Dave Delaney

    The Pastor Steadfast in Truth and Practice

    Shane Lewis

    The Soulwinning Pastor

    Dr. Alan Fong


    Title Speaker

    The Church Security Ministry

    Discussion Panel: Church Security

    Training Your Security Ministry

    Richard Odenthal

    Soulwinning and Discipleship

    Title Speaker

    Event Evangelism

    Jerry Ferrso

    Follow Up in a Busy Culture

    Gabriel Ruhl

    From Community to Core - Follow Up

    Peter Mordh

    Making Disciples

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Planning a Sportsman's Outreach

    Chad Schearer

    Reaching Families through the Bus Ministry

    Jacob Bundy

    Soulwinning and Hospitality

    Dr. Mark Rasmussen

    The Gospel to Your City

    Dave Delaney

    The Prospect List of a Personal Soulwinner

    Jerry Ferrso

    Missions and Church Planting

    Title Speaker

    SLC Asia/Reaching the 10/40 Window

    Dr. Kevin Folger

    Assistant Pastors

    Title Speaker

    Being an Extension of Your Pastor

    Nathan Birt

    Being the Extension of Your Pastor in Spanish Ministry

    Jerry Collins

    Adult Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Building a Vibrant Adult Bible Class

    Gabriel Ruhl

    Leading an Effective Singles Connection Group

    Dr. Mike Lester

    Music Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Developing the Choral Sound

    Dr. Russell Shelley

    Embellishing Accompaniments

    Shelly Hamilton

    How to Prepare a Musical Event

    John Williams

    The Role of Worship in Discipleship

    Discussion Panel: The Role of Worship

    Vocal Coaching for Small Groups

    Dr. Russell Shelley

    Children's Ministry

    Title Speaker

    Crafting an Effective Vacation Bible School

    Nathan Birt

    Creating Safe and Welcoming Nurseries

    Christine Allen

    Reaching the Next Generation Effectively

    Q&A Panel: Teaching the Next Generation

    Media and Technology

    Title Speaker

    Church Event Photography

    Keenan Sultanik

    Designing Your First Church Website

    Keenan Sultanik

    Effective Use of Church Video

    Discussion Panel: Effective Use of Church Video

    Providing Consistent Computer Support

    Tom Francis


    Title Speaker

    How to Encourage in the Local Church

    Suza Rasmussen

    Supporting Your Pastor's Wife

    Susanah Ruhl

    Teaching and Encouraging Ladies

    Danielle Mordh

    The Role of a Godly Pastor's Wife

    Terrie Chappell

    When God Rearranges Your Plan

    Discussion Panel: Ladies

    Student Ministry Leaders

    Title Speaker

    Developing Teens with a Heart for God

    Larry Chappell

    Church Administration

    Title Speaker

    Cultivating a Culture of Transparency

    Dr. Tom Shepherd

    Leading and Encouraging a Larger Staff

    Dr. Mike Norris

    Legal Reporting and Pointers for the Church

    Discussion Panel: Legal Reporting

    Planning and Guiding the Church Budget

    Ben Hobbs

    Religious Liberty and Media Relations

    The Four Horsemen of Project Failure

    Brandon Ewing

    Updating a Strategic Plan for Your Church

    Dr. Tom Shepherd

    Christian Education

    Title Speaker

    A Royal Calling: Servant Leadership in Education

    Deb Demirjian

    Oh, The Many Hats You'll Wear!

    Brandon Ewing


    Title Speaker

    Beginning Bible Study

    Thomas Shepherd

    Developing Your Own Faith

    Dr. Jim Schettler

    Personal Effectiveness and Time Management

    Thomas Shepherd

    Undermining Skeptical Arguments

    David Adams


    Title Speaker

    Alive in Christ

    Enoch Kim

    Always Abounding

    Timothy Choi

    Engaging a Corrupt Culture with Truth

    Dr. Paul Lee

    Love of Christ that Constraineth

    Timothy Choi

    Preaching Track

    Title Speaker

    A Compassionate Delivery

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Collecting the Material for the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

    The Call to Preach

    Dr. John Goetsch

    The Introduction to the Sermon

    Dr. John Goetsch

    Practical Christianity

    Title Speaker

    A Passion for the Next Generation

    Thomas Shepherd

    Ministering to Those Overwhelmed with Grief

    Brien Deverick

    Prayer for Revival

    General John Teichert

    Rightly Divided: A Beginner's Guide to Bible Study

    Dr. Mike Lester

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