Split Session 2 - Tuesday 1:30 PM

Pastoral Ministry

Honoring Truth in Succession

Location: West Wing 205
Speaker: Lloyd Read

Ministering with Grace and Truth

Location: Worship Center
Speaker: Dean Miller

The Soulwinning Pastor

Location: West Wing 213
Speaker: Alan Fong

Soulwinning and Discipleship

Event Evangelism

Location: Revels 308
Speaker: Jerry Ferrso

Reaching Families through the Bus Ministry

Location: Revels 208
Speaker: Jacob Bundy

Adult Ministry

Leading an Effective Singles Connection Group

Location: Revels 209
Speaker: Dr. Mike Lester

Music Ministry

Developing the Choral Sound

Location: Revels 204
Speaker: Dr. Russell Shelley

Children's Ministry

Crafting an Effective Vacation Bible School

Location: Revels 102
Speaker: Nathan Birt

Media and Technology

Designing Your First Church Website

Location: Revels 309
Speaker: Keenan Sultanik


When God Rearranges Your Plan

Location: North Building
Speaker: Discussion Panel: Ladies

Church Administration

Leading and Encouraging a Larger Staff

Location: Choir Room
Speaker: Dr. Mike Norris

Updating a Strategic Plan for Your Church

Location: Revels 303
Speaker: Dr. Tom Shepherd

Christian Education

A Royal Calling: Servant Leadership in Education

Location: West Wing 211
Speaker: Deb Demirjian


Personal Effectiveness and Time Management

Location: Revels 207
Speaker: Thomas Shepherd


Always Abounding

Location: West Wing 207
Speaker: Timothy Choi

Preaching Track

Collecting the Material for the Sermon

Location: West Wing 201
Speaker: Dr. John Goetsch

Practical Christianity

Prayer for Revival

Location: West Wing 203
Speaker: John Teichert

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