Split Session 3 - Wednesday 11:15 AM

Pastoral Ministry

Standing Together

Location: Worship Center
Speaker: Tyler Gillit

The Emptiness of Moralism and the Dangers of Hyper-Grace

Location: Revels 208
Speaker: Dave Delaney

The Pastor Steadfast in Truth and Practice

Location: West Wing 205
Speaker: Shane Lewis


The Church Security Ministry

Location: Revels 302
Speaker: Discussion Panel: Church Security

Soulwinning and Discipleship

Follow Up in a Busy Culture

Location: Revels 102
Speaker: Gabriel Ruhl

Soulwinning and Hospitality

Location: West Wing 211
Speaker: Dr. Mark Rasmussen

Assistant Pastors

Being an Extension of Your Pastor

Location: West Wing 213
Speaker: Nathan Birt

Music Ministry

The Role of Worship in Discipleship

Location: Revels 309
Speaker: Discussion Panel: The Role of Worship

Media and Technology

Church Event Photography

Location: West Wing 201
Speaker: Keenan Sultanik


The Role of a Godly Pastor's Wife

Location: North Building
Speaker: Terrie Chappell

Student Ministry Leaders

Developing Teens with a Heart for God

Location: Revels 209
Speaker: Larry Chappell

Church Administration

Legal Reporting and Pointers for the Church

Location: Choir Room
Speaker: Discussion Panel: Legal Reporting

The Four Horsemen of Project Failure

Location: Revels 303
Speaker: Brandon Ewing


Undermining Skeptical Arguments

Location: Revels 207
Speaker: David Adams


Alive in Christ

Location: West Wing 207
Speaker: Enoch Kim

Preaching Track

The Introduction to the Sermon

Location: Revels 204
Speaker: Dr. John Goetsch

Practical Christianity

A Passion for the Next Generation

Location: Revels 308
Speaker: Thomas Shepherd

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