Split Session 4 - Wednesday 1:30 PM

Pastoral Ministry

Effects of the Neo-Calvinist Movement in Fundamentalism

Location: Revels 303
Speaker: Jeff Amsbaugh

Staff and Church Transition from a Biblical Perspective

Location: Worship Center
Speaker: Discussion Panel: Staff and Church Transitions


Training Your Security Ministry

Location: Revels 302
Speaker: Richard Odenthal

Soulwinning and Discipleship

From Community to Core - Follow Up

Location: Revels 309
Speaker: Peter Mordh

Guiding a Soulwinning Ministry

Location: Revels 102
Speaker: Jerry Ferrso

Assistant Pastors

Being the Extension of Your Pastor in Spanish Ministry

Location: Revels 305
Speaker: Jerry Collins

Adult Ministry

Building a Vibrant Adult Bible Class

Location: West Wing 201
Speaker: Gabriel Ruhl

Music Ministry

Embellishing Accompaniments

Location: Revels 204
Speaker: Shelly Hamilton

Vocal Coaching for Small Groups

Location: Revels 208
Speaker: Dr. Russell Shelley

Children's Ministry

Reaching the Next Generation Effectively

Location: Choir Room
Speaker: Q&A Panel: Teaching the Next Generation

Media and Technology

Providing Consistent Computer Support

Location: West Wing 205
Speaker: Tom Francis


Supporting Your Pastor's Wife

Location: West Wing 211
Speaker: Susanah Ruhl

Teaching and Encouraging Ladies

Location: North Building
Speaker: Danielle Mordh

Church Administration

Cultivating a Culture of Transparency

Location: West Wing 203
Speaker: Dr. Tom Shepherd

Christian Education

Oh, The Many Hats You'll Wear!

Location: West Wing 213
Speaker: Brandon Ewing


Beginning Bible Study

Location: Revels 207
Speaker: Thomas Shepherd


Love of Christ that Constraineth

Location: West Wing 207
Speaker: Timothy Choi

Preaching Track

A Compassionate Delivery

Location: Revels 209
Speaker: Dr. John Goetsch

Practical Christianity

Rightly Divided: A Beginner's Guide to Bible Study

Location: Revels 308
Speaker: Dr. Mike Lester

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