Keynote Speakers

Pastor Paul Chappell

Lancaster, CA

Dr. Paul Chappell is the senior pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA where he has faithfully served since 1986. Dr. Chappell is the founder and president of West Coast Baptist College. He has authored numerous books through his publishing ministry, Striving Together publications. He is a frequent conference speaker, and has a passion for training spiritual leaders.

Dr. R.B. Ouellette

Saginaw, MI

Dr. Ouellette has been at First Baptist Church for thirty-seven years. The church has grown tremendously under his leadership and has an aggressive soulwinning program. He is the author of several books and the editor of The Preacher's Page newsletter.

Tyler Gillit

Fort Worth, TX

Tyler Gillit has been in full-time ministry at Worth Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas for over ten years. He served as Youth Pastor, RU Director, and Associate Pastor for eight years before becoming the Senior Pastor in January 2016. He is married to Tori and they have two children, Will and Anna.

Ryan Thompson

Newport Beach, CA

Pastor Ryan Thompson is a native Californian and first generation Christian. He has served in full-time ministry for more than 17 years. He served as an assistant pastor for fifteen years, before moving to Newport Beach to assume the pastorate of Liberty Baptist Church. He and his wife, Tiffany, have five children.

Larry Chappell

Lancaster, CA

Brother Chappell grew up at Lancaster Baptist Church and is a graduate of West Coast Baptist College. He is the Student Ministries director at Lancaster Baptist Church and works in the media department. He and his wife, Ashley, have two children.

Kerry Nance

Tampa, FL

Kerry Nance has been the pastor of Southside Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida since 2003 when he planted the church. He and his wife, Amy, have three children.

Dr. Don Sisk

Lancaster, CA

Dr. Sisk’s experience as a pastor, missionary, and director of Baptist International Missions, Inc. keeps him in high demand as a mission conference speaker. In addition to all of this, he teaches at West Coast Baptist College where he is the Chairman of the Missions Department.

Gabriel Ruhl

Lancaster, CA

Brother Ruhl oversees the adult Sunday school ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church. He graduated from West Coast Baptist College in 2002 and while serving in ministry, he earned his Master's Degree. One of the greatest joys of his life is to serve the Lord with his wife, Susanah, and their four children.

Dean Miller

Fort Collins, CO

Pastor Dean Miller worked for six years on the staff of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Colorado Springs as an assistant pastor before pastoring at Central Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS. Pastor Miller has recently assumed the pastorate of Front Range Baptist Church in Fort Collins, CO. He and his wife, Michelle, have three daughters.

Dr. David Gibbs, Jr.

Cincinnati, OH

Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. founded the Christian Law Association, a nationwide legal ministry defending Christian liberty. For over twenty years, CLA has represented 10,000 churches in all fifty states. From the pulpit, Dr. Gibbs exhorts Christians to stand for Jesus.

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