Assistant Pastors

Learn practical lessons on being an effective assistant pastor. Session topics include: administration, leadership, and serving as an extension of the pastor.

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Children's Ministry

The children's ministry track includes sessions about organizing an effective children's Bible learning program. Sessions are also taught on the priorities of child safety and keeping a clean environment.

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Christian Education

The Christian education track includes practical methods of educating the next generation. Sessions are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about developing the mind of Christ in the hearts of students.

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Church Administration

Church administration includes sessions about managing staff, and organizing and coordinating event and staff calendars. Sessions are taught by experienced administrative leaders.

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These sessions are taught in Korean by Korean pastors who have a desire to reach Korean-speaking people with the Gospel of Christ.

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Regardless of where you are in the journey of life, these practical sessions will be sure to encourage you to live for God. Sessions topics include: marriage, encouraging the pastor's wife, and balancing ministry and the home.

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Media and Technology

The media and technology track includes sessions on church specific graphic design, effective social media, and video production in ministry.

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Music Ministry

Sessions taught in the music ministry will help develop your talents and skills in the area of music. Sessions are broken up into two categories, congregational worship leading and instrumental music development. Each session is taught by a highly trained, experienced musician and each session will be sure to help you glorify God with music.

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Pastoral Ministry

Learn how to be an effective overseer as the pastor of your church. Sessions in this track are taught to strengthen and encourage pastors who are called to preach God's Word.

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Practical Christianity

Learn practical lessons on being an effective church layman. Session topics include personal discipleship, effective study of the Scriptures, and Biblical stewardship.

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Preaching Track

Dr. John Goetsch, who has been preaching dynamic Bible messages for over 35 years, will teach practical methods for developing, illustrating, and writing a sermon.

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These sessions will help you to be proactive at creating a safe and secure environment for worshipping the Lord.

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Soulwinning and Discipleship

Learn practical tips and methods on leading someone to Christ and getting them grounded in the Word of God through discipleship. Practical helps for beginning a discipleship ministry in your church will also be given.

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Student Ministry Leaders

The student ministry leaders track includes practical sessions and advice on how to raise and develop your teens as leaders within your youth group.

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Teens, these sessions are taught to develop the mind of Christ in your heart. Practical lessons like "Being a Leader at Your School" and "How to Find God's Will for Your Life" will encourage you to rise above the culture and live for God.

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